The Demo Derby II

by Colin Kurtz

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This is the sequel to The Demo Derby, which was released back in August. This album contains a more aggressive, yet catchy pop tone to it along with a considerably richer, more raw sound to it. This album has a lot of experimentation involved. It contains 8 new songs that were recorded from September 30, 2015 - December 9, 2015.

UPDATE: 8-4-2017 / This is my least favorite album of mine. I hate it.


released December 18, 2015

Colin Kurtz - guitars, bass, drums, vocals, mixing, artwork and production.

All lyrics by Colin Kurtz.



all rights reserved


Colin Kurtz Williamsburg, Pennsylvania

Hello! I'm a 17-year-old multi-instrumentalist and songwriter and I've been making music since I was about 13 years old. I write about pretty much everything, and keep trying to better myself as a musician with every record I come out with. Enjoy your visit. ... more

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Track Name: Eraser Shavings
Our beautiful planet is falling apart
No one around has any soul or heart
Earth’s like an eraser that’s wearing out
We’re all too stupid to have our doubts

We used to have it all (x4)

My faith in humanity is lost
Nowhere you can go to afford a cost
The hypocrisy is real
Apocalyptic signs I feel

We used to have it all (x4)
Track Name: Suicidal Sasquatch
Bittersweet, just like me
In my eyes, I could see
In my room, where I would lay
I’d pretend everything's okay

You couldn’t keep a promise (x4)

Misery has come back for me
It's helped me realize, so now I can see
That you suck and you're Hell on Earth
Please take the hints for what they're worth

You couldn't keep a promise (x4)

You couldn't keep a promise (x4)
Track Name: Family
Such a small town
You know everyone around
This town, it's like a family
Doesn't differ much from you and me
It hurts the heart and deceives the eye
When a family member dies
But we always pull through
Don't forget that we'll remember you
We'll run the miles and play in your honor
Let us take a moment to remember

Who remembers the smiles?
They'd keep you happy for a while
Take a moment, won't you please?
Say a prayer as they watch through the trees
The grieving ends in soon time
At the vigils, the candle lights shine
Just keep your faith and spirits high
And this won't be the last goodbye
We'll run the miles and play in their honor
We'll take some moments to remember

Who all remembers? (x8)
Track Name: The Hobo
Drinking from a bottle you found on the ground
What's it like?
Where did you go wrong, may I ask? Was I around?
What was it like?
Spare changing on the corner of Poverty Avenue
What's it like?
I'll sit and listen to your story so you can know someone new
And I care

Someone up there likes you
I wouldn't know what to do
You're a strong human being, aren't you?
Someone's looking after you
Track Name: October
I need some tape to help open my eyes
I just can’t seem to realize
How could I be so blind?
Could I be losing my mind?
Of all the things that you have done
This just may be the worst one
Why can’t I just wake up?
And realize that enough is enough

I laid in my bed and fell asleep
Dreamt of you, woke up, and then I started to weep
Don't wanna leave you here, but it's for the best
You walk to the east, I'll walk to the west
I miss when we'd stay up all night
We'd somehow refrain from any fights
I try to leave but you pull me right back in
I'll give you my love as long as you do it all over again

I wish I kissed you on that Autumn night
Where I could see your pretty face under the street lights
I gave you my jacket because you said that you felt cold
I wanted to be with you until we started getting old

You're all I want, but not what I need (x2)
Track Name: Sludge II
Kept my head up this time
I made it out just fine
I wish you would do the same
But you think that life’s to blame
It works, it works, it works
It hurts, it hurts, it hurts

Everything will be fine
You just need to give it time
I wish you could understand
Sugar, take my hand
It works, it works, it works
It hurts, it hurts, it hurts

It works, it works, it works
It hurts, it hurts, it hurts